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Safe Smart Home

Smart CCTV Systems & Alarms - Cel-Fi mobile - WiFi Links

The Elite range of alarm kits by Arrowhead are suitable for home or small business security, but are fully expandable to cater for large installations. The kits come in a variety of hardware configurations.

The Elite S security system is designed and manufactured in New Zealand to give you a flexible, user-friendly and secure environment. Whether you are away or at home, the Elite S will integrate with your home or business to meet your security requirements.

Security & Control ESL-2 Panel

- 8/16 zones with zone doubling

- 100 users for alarm or access control functions

- 2 dedicated areas

- 4G & IP modules for off-site monitoring option

- 8 keypads allowed

- Battery back-up

- Hardwired (wireless option)

- Time schedules x 8

SPECIAL $1495.00 Installed*

1 x AAP ESL-2 PLAS-10EX Board 16 Zones

1 x AAP ESL-2 APP POD, Plug on App/IP-Module for ESL-2 System

1 x APP ELITE WHITE Touch Keypad, 5″ Full Colour display

1 x AAP ELITE Enclosure

1 x Secor Outdoor Combo Siren/Strobe

3 x Aleph AL Series Passive Infrared Detectors

1 x AUS Cell 12v 7Ah Battery

1 x Powermaster 16v AC 1.5Amp Power Plug Pack

1 x Top Hat Piezo Indoor Siren

Security Cable

Installed by a Licence Security Installer

Elite Control ESL-2 APP POD Module

- Receive Push Notification for Alarm.

- One touch Remote Arm and Disarm.

- One App can manage and control multiple site.

- Customisation of smartphone App.

- Check past memory events.

ELITE Touch Keypad, 5″ Full Colour display

- Touch display

- Sharp 800 x 480 pixels

- Intuitive graphic user interface

- 1 GB Micro SD Card Included

- Low profile design

- Dimensions – 140 x 96 x 14mm

- Black option

Aleph AL-40 Passive Infrared

Detector (PIR)

Aleph APX101 Passive

Infrared Detector

Heavy Duty C/O


More option available 

Operating Guide

ESL-2 Specifications

ESL-2 Brochure


*Not all accessories are available, Prices subject to change, installation extra